Ahoefa Vovor

Ahoefa Vovor

Ahoefa Vovor is the Director General of Studies, Planning and Information at the Ministry of Health of Togo. Here, she shares a health system success story that saw a participatory effort in the elaboration and evaluation of a health development plan. Exploring obstacles to knowledge sharing, she emphasises the significance of language differences, and has a recommendation for how these can be overcome.

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Dr. Ahoefa Vovor is a Professor of Haematology and Director General of Studies, Planning and Health Information of the Ministry of Health and Social Welfare of Togo. After studying Medicine in Senegal and specialising in Biology in France, Professor Vovor has served the people of Togo as a doctor and teacher-researcher since 1987. Her expertise in haematology, immunohaematology and blood bank management has given rise to developments in Togo’s national health policy, national health development plans, national AIDS programmes, and around sickle cell disease and noncommunicable diseases. As Director General of Studies, Planning and Health Information, Dr. Vovor coordinated the evaluation of the 2012-2015 national health development plan; has developed the 2017-2022 national health development plan and its evaluation programme, monitoring its implementation; and promotes and coordinates the Ministry of Health’s research.