Adam Osman

Adam Osman

Adam Osman is Director of Policy and Planning at the Ministry of Health in Somalia. In this interview, he recounts how his country – a highly fragile state – has managed to eliminate polio. He discusses his exposure visits to neighbouring countries and the positive impact they have had on healthcare progress in Somalia.

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Adam Osman is the Federal Government of Somalia’s Director of Policy and Planning at the Ministry of Health & Human Services. He has 12 years’ experience in public health, sanitation, HIV/AIDS, governance, and human rights, working for organisations including International Organization for Migration, Agency for Technical Cooperation & Development, World Vision International, International Rescue Committee, Insan Hak ve Huriyet (Turkish humanitarian organization), Life and Peace Institute, and Centre for British Teachers. Adam’s areas of interest span maternal and child health, human resource for health, water, sanitation and hygiene, nutrition, and infectious diseases. He holds a Master’s in Public Health and a post graduate diploma in International Cooperation & Humanitarian Aid.