Tomas Lievens

Tomas Lievens

Tomas Lievens, Director of the Social Policy Programme at Oxford Policy Management, looked at the role of international evidence and cross-country learning in Burkina Faso over a period of 30 years. Tomas believes that this research has shown that international evidence and cross-country learning are really important and effective with great results in national health policy development, especially when complemented with national health observatories or national public health institutes.


Tomas Lievens is the Director of our Social Policy Programme. He is an experienced health economist with expertise in quantitative research, health financing, health labour markets, and health insurance. He has been an International Labour Organisation regional advisor in Africa, senior advisor to the Belgian minister for international development, and has consulted with Philippe Naert.

Much of Tomas’s work is concerned with issues of access, financial protection and equity in health. He has carried out several health expenditure reviews, tracking surveys and costing studies. He has done extensive work on fiscal space analysis for health and AIDS services and on health worker motivation and behaviour to improve health labour market outcomes.

Tomas holds an engineering degree from the Catholic University of Leuven, Belgium, and an MA in economics from the University of Nottingham.