Summary Sheet

Summary Sheet

Author: Alex Jones

We can probably agree that countries with similar levels of income and health expenditure often have widely divergent health outcomes. What are some countries doing that others are not? If countries could learn from one another and take action based on those lessons it may lead to healthier populations around the world. Yet, particularly in low income countries, very little is known about the learning practices of health actors.

So, the question is how to improve the ability of low-income countries to learn from, and act upon, the successes and failures of other country’s health systems. The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation asked Oxford Policy Management to look into this area during 2017. The work with OPM has had a focus on three questions: What can countries learn from each other’s experiences? How can countries learn from each other’s experiences? Why do policy makers sometimes want or not want to learn from each other’s experience?

OPM has utilized a combination of literature reviews, institutional case studies, structured expert meetings, a series of field visits and interviews (with policy makers in country) to combine an account of this tacit and explicit knowledge.

This is a one page summary of the project design.