The problem

Countries with similar levels of income often have widely different health outcomes. What are some countries doing that others are not?

The objective

Improve the ability of low income countries to learn from, and act on, the successes and failures of other country’s health systems. This project will develop recommendations on how investments can be targeted over the period 2018–2022.

The three questions

What can countries learn from one another’s experiences? How can countries learn from one another’s experiences? Why do policy-makers sometimes want or not want to learn from one another’s experience?

There is a significant body of unwritten and written knowledge on these questions. This project uses a combination of a literature review and institutional case studies, structured expert meetings and a series of interviews to combine an account of this knowledge.

The final recommendations are based on the answers to these three questions.

The team

The project has been implemented by Oxford Policy Management and the technical guidance is provided by internationally renowned health systems thinkers – Kara Hanson, Barbara McPake, Sophie Witter and Ian Anderson, under the supervision of project manager Alex Jones. Communications for this project have been managed by Davide Scalenghe. Learning for Action Across Health Systems is funded by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation.